Architectural Style

Most of our work has been focused in neo-classical adaptation of architectural styles such as 18th Century, Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival and Arts & Crafts. By adapting classic styles for modern living we are able to merge modern floor plans with sustainable building techniques. The result is a home with enduring traditional detail, ease of living and maintenance, all while being energy efficient. In short, we believe in constructing homes that are easy to live in and with.

Our experience extends beyond houses to include accessory buildings, additions, garages, barns, stables and greenhouses that compliment and coordinate with existing improvements. We also have experience in the construction of period correct reproductions as well as renovations, adaptations and restoration of historical buildings and homes.

Many of the projects we have built have also been designed and conceived by us, and we have also built multiple projects whose plans were developed by architects. We can be instrumental in the planning stage, whether doing design consultation or working with your architect, to ensure a pleasing aesthetic and cost effective approach to your building project.

In addition to classical architecture, we have interest in implementing the trend in home building towards “form following function.” Modern living and sustainable housing features lend themselves to the Urban Modern architectural style. These options involve advanced technology, green building specifications, smaller more energy efficient homes with efforts toward more self-sustainability. The floor plans tend to be more open and employ multi-function rooms. This allows for a smaller impact in both square footage as well as footprint.